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The Club - From Past to Present

Old world style, new world tastes The Club's history is subtly reflected in various features of the structure. Solid wood floors, handcrafted paneling and furniture, and ornate ceilings create an ambience reminiscent of times past.

The building was originally constructed to serve as a home for a doctor and his family.

There can be some confusion in separating The Club as a name for the property versus the men that first organized themselves there in the late 1880's. This group officially adopted the name of "The Club of Canton". The purpose of The Club was to provide accommodations and recreation for members and guests. The Club featured a bowling alley, billiards room, card room, and boarding rooms... elements of which remain today.

The Club remained primarily a gathering place for men up until the 1960's when women were allowed to join. But with declining membership and low finances The Club sold their ownership and the property has since served as a home to a series of restaurants.

The new owners opened the restaurant in early 2010. They felt that the historical significance of the property could be woven into the character of the business, and so the "The Club" was adopted as the name. They have also owned and operated other establishments in the Canton area, including Phoebe's restaurant, The Tick Tock Tavern, and Morgan's Ice House.

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